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Pallet SRT 1300×1100

Injection molded pallets in high density polyethylene (HDPE) for food use.
The platforms are made of fully recyclable material, first casting guaranteed and certified. Easily washable and rust resistant, insensitive to weight changes in contact with water.
Particularly resistant to UV and infrared rays, high and low temperatures, acids and alkalis.
Plastic pallets are ideal products for logistics, storage and handling.
Pallets are used in light and heavy industries.

Available sizes (A x B):
– 1300 x 1100
– 1200 x 1000
– 1200 x 960
– 1200 x 940

SR data 1300 x 1100

width (A) 1300 mm
depth (B) 1100 mm
size 150 mm
weight 17,1 kg
worn on the gallows 1500 kg
carried on the ground 5000 kg