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Box 2400 liter

Swivel connections for male type movement (DIN 30700), placed on a boxed steel support and fixed on the sides of the box.

Ground support by means of two HDPE crosspieces, each equipped with three feet and two wheels at the ends, so as to have two sliding wheels on both sides of the body which facilitate handling and / or emptying of the body by the operators and / or side loaders.

Symmetrical bilateral injection molded HDPE covers, supported by the galvanized steel frame, equipped with a gas shock absorber to slow closing and a central handle to facilitate manual opening.

Pedal to open the cover as standard, available in versions for the road and sidewalk position.

Drain outlet located at the bottom of the tank with shockproof HDPE cap.

Tank fitted with class 1 reflective tapes in accordance with the law (ministerial decree 1270/1985 and subsequent amendments), with a white / red “body degrees” design; vertical strip, in the center of the tank, for single operator reference.