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Box 1700 litre

Single lid box fitted on the entire edge of the handle for the lifting obtained during the molding phase. The 1700 lt is also available in the version with 2/3 – 1/3 divided cover with acid-resistant rubber seal. The tank is equipped with four handles, obtained by molding during molding, placed laterally along the edge, without sharp edges and sharp edges. Drain outlet located at the bottom of the tank with shockproof HDPE cap. Four swivel and swivel solid rubber wheels, diameter 200 mm. Front wheels with independent brake by pedal. Also available in the model with fixed (fixed) supports. Tank fitted with class 1 reflective strips in accordance with the law (DM 1270/1985 and subsequent amendments), with a white / red “body degrees” design. Pedal with shock absorber as standard to facilitate opening and closing of the cover.