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CTL 760 – Box

Injection molded container made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) for food use, with perforated bottom and walls.

First guaranteed and certified casting material, not subject to weight variations in contact with water, fully recyclable.

Resistant to UV and infrared rays, high and low temperatures.

Container suitably structured to be stackable, to facilitate storage and handling operations.

Particular structure of the walls which allows, for the same size and compared to containers of equal external dimensions, the storage of a larger quantity of product to be preserved and / or handled.

Label holder integrated on the four walls obtained directly during the molding phase.

Available in versions with height 630, 760 and 850 mm.

The versions with height 760 and 850 mm. they are suitably sized to allow storage and / or empty handling of 3 boxes with a volume of 2, with a recovery of 33% of the empty volume.

Available in 4-legged versions, with two short side rails (1100 mm) or two long side rails (1200 mm).